Love is a 4 Letter Word

February 28, 2009

I was recently introduced to the writings of Edward O. Wilson and I was reminded of a similar ideology leading back to the architect Buckminster Fuller. While Fuller is an architect for humanity, Wilson is a biologist for co-evolution. Fuller can be quoted as saying that humans are “the astronauts of the universe” and in essence have the potential to act like a virus- spreading out through the cosmos and depleting all resources (we) come by in our planet hopping. Buckminster Fuller also coined the term “Spaceship Earth” and Wilson has elaborated upon it in macabre style. What I enjoy about E.O.Wilson’s proposal is his ability to bring accountability to the forefront of this conversation and in some ways extinguish the idea of an apocalyptic future in which humans are the “victims” of biology and calling us antagonists instead. According to Wilson, humans are leading the sixth phase of extinction on this planet much like meteors have done in the past.

If my cadence plays out correctly then the accountability factor governing our fatal demise as a “civilization” also relates to our western artworld and its relative “failures and limitations.” Art and the critique of Art are supposed to alter or expand upon the awareness of a position. It’s distressing to know how much control we have over our own perspective, as individuals and a world community, in art and in politics, but do not access it for change.  Maybe the problem of having control is the will to lose all control, but that plays on individual interests- something that clouds the way to a cohesive future according to Wilson.

I included one of Slavoj Zizek’s rants to keep the playing field even here and for personal amusement. I don’t know if there exists a hierarchy of terms to follow when thinking about “acting globally” per say, but Zizek reminds us that Love is Evil. (Ian Curtis, where are you?!!) Biophilia is topping the charts for me right now. I’m growing ever more interested in agricultural diversity and Speciesism. I would love to know what our species holds to be a universal bond. Music?


New Play With Gary Busey and Warren Beatty (SURPRISE HIT)

February 27, 2009

I just got back from L.A. where I saw a play called Smokin’ Room.  It’s running through the summer.  It’s really good.  It’ll probably go somewhere off broadway next.  Gary Busey plays Elliot Nevins and Warren Beatty plays Samuel Beckett. NAIL BITE!

excerpt from L.A. Times Magazine (February issue)

Elliot Nevins: “Whyy can’t I get this cloud out of my head today?”

Samuel Beckett: “What were you doing last night?”

E.N.: “I don’t remember.  Driving fast.  And tacos.”

S.B.: “Look look look look look look look look. Look.  Be reasonable.  When was the last time you went to bed not all doped up or you know, like, whatever?”

E.N.: “Damn, Sam!  Damn!

S.B.: “Samuel”

E.N.: “I can’t even talk to you when you’re like this!  Get off your horse! Get off your hooorse!!”

S.B.: “Fuckin’ what?!  You either have the two months rent or you don’t!  Honest, man…I’m sick of these–we are all sick of these games and stories and lies and tales and poems and sonnets fuckin’ essays, summaries, podcasts, journal entries, post-it notes, lipstick on the mirror, smoke signals, invisible ink, inter-office envelopes with info updates about how you can’t get your shit together!!  Get your shit in order or you’re out.  Everyone has already voted and I can only delay it so long.”

E.N.: “But, Sam…we’ve know each other so long…since we were fuckin’ kids, man!  How can you do this to me?”

S.B.: “It’s a cold world and we’re all twisted sisters if you know what I mean.”

E.N. “One more week.  That’s all I need.  Two max…”


Mounds or Mountains like Piles or People

February 27, 2009

reach up to a point

and come back down

we are too light

to rest on the ground

but too heavy to be clouds

forts are structures that keep

us save in living rooms

corners are hide-a-ways and

connects for buildings

caves are mostly

holes and homes for bears

a loop over your head might

be an archway or a rainbow

but probably it’s

just your stupid haircut


Lately, my visual work and poems explore shapes and things they can be without necessarily being those things.

I’ve been investigating the loop.  Loops have curves.  Loops are linear.  Loops have points.  Loops create handles, bows, cursive letters, amusement park rides, ornaments, and  airplane maneuvers.  A loop repeats a video or piece of audio unendingly.  In the loop or out of the loop is with the informed circle or out of the circle.  To loop is to move in an arc or to connect things.

This poem is attempting to loop together anything in the shape of a loop, human emotions, weight, and protection by piling them on top of each other.

Patricia Murphy

Royal Scottish Academy: New Contemporaries

February 25, 2009

This is just a quick post as I’m flying away tomorrow and haven’t packed yet: the Royal Scottish Academy has traditionally showcased art students from the 4 Scottish art schools in their annual open student exhibition. This year, for the first time, 60 students were selected from degree shows at Glasgow School of Art, Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee, Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Edinburgh College of Art, and Moray School of Art in the Highlands.

What was previously a jam packed mish-mash of works from 400-odd students is now a coherent overview of some of the most promising emerging artists from 2008. Here are some links to images and reviews – personal favourites are the images of Euan Taylor’s giant crane like construction, “Cloud Muncher” from his ongoing endeavors at Inefficient Solutions, performance from Stuart McAdam and this HUGE painting by Fraser Gray;

Read review at The Skinny

Royal Scottish Academy 


photos from india

February 24, 2009







February 24, 2009
I have been struggling with the notion of home/intimate space for a while and am attempting to materialize the inquiries and thoughts I’ve gathered into a new animation/installation. 

What constitutes a “home”? how does one construct it? Is it a fixed idea, or may it shift over time? Are we ultimately bound to the memory of a first/primal space or do successive ones overwrite each other?…. 
I am looking at collecting ‘images” answering these questions. I am not sure what the exact format of the final video will look like, but it will constitute a sort of lexicon of these accumulated/disparate (or perhaps archetypical) “intimate spaces”.
If you are feeling generous and can dedicate a couple minutes to helping me out, please share your image of home with me-a photograph, a short description of a space, a list of word/impressions…
(You could post it here in the “comments” section, or if you’d rather, simply send me a quick e-mail at:
ANY feedback would be invaluably helpful.

MFA Open Studios @ GWU

February 22, 2009


We hope  you all can make it!

MFA Open Studios at George Washington University
Saturday, Feb 28th, 1-4 pm
Smith Hall of Art
2nd, 4th, 5th Floor Studios
801 22nd Street NW
Washington DC 20052

Participating Artists:
Celina Amaya
Chanan Delivuk
Steve Ioli
Sarah Koss
Jacqueline Levine
Patrick McDonough
Maureen O Connell
Ding Ren
Teresa Sites