Rachel Fick is a DC/NY based artist, curator, and creator of the Microwave Project. She looooves discourse, Gossip Girl, Jameson, electric blankets, and October.

Keli Anaya is a Philadelphia based artist who has a sick obsession with plants. He moved from DC to Philly in August and is still trying to figure out why so many people get shot at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Charlie Alverado

Charlotte Andrew based in London.

Brian Barr based in Detroit, MI.

Lauren Bender, 5’0″, Baltimore. Feminine Arbiter of Phrases, Performance Thanatology Research Society. Board of Directors, Narrow House.

Zoe Blackwell makes art in Santa Fe, NM, which is a desert IN the mountains, people!

Marissa Botelho DC based house painter, people painter, and action movie connoisseur. Also enjoys long walks on the beach, wine tasting, and curling up with a good book in front of the fire.

Mark Cameron Boyd Artist /musician (LA ’76-’96); co-founded Zero Zero alternative space; taught film noir & Outlaw Culture (Art Center College of Design ’87-’93); currently adjunct professor of art theory & collaborative art (Corcoran College of Art+Design); blog at Theory Now.

Breck Omar Brunson is a fool based out of the East Coast Chinatown Bus, somewhere closer to the front because the back stinks like horrid remnants of human consumption which inevitably ruins perfectly good knit sweaters.

Reuben Breslar based in Providence, RI.

D.Billy makes stuff and does things in Brooklyn, NY. He also contributes art and design to Washington, DC-based clothing designer Jon Wye, co-blogs at And I Am Not Lying, For Real, and holds down a day job at a fancypants art school in Manhattan.

Page Carr works as a Lead Supervisor, New Products Unit, Media Division, NVCC, Inc. where she also teaches full-time nvcc Other than that, she stays up late making media (ask for details) in Chevy Chase MD.

Julie Casey is an artist currently residing in Washington, DC pursuing a BFA. She is an expert at making messes and burning things in the kitchen. She aspires to one day write a book on cheese and start an artist commune in Up North, Michigan.

Noa Charuvi is an artist from Jerusalem, Israel, living in New York and pursuing her MFA

Joe Civitello is an artist “making things happen” in Cincinnati, OH

Thomas Michael Corcoran is a documentary artist and blogger from America. Mr. Corcoran has worked as a war correspondent, designer, artist, copy editor, and most notably a photojournalist. He is also a founding member of the D’Steel(e) Society for Advanced Poetics. He is totally awesome!

Christopher Cunetto is a DC based, would be illustrator/student living in New York… for now. Favorite activities and things include mouth-breathing next to strangers on airplanes while asleep, fantasizing about being a spy, good food, good friends, and good drawing.

Daniel Dean is a DC metro based artist sucking the life outta each credit hour he can get the U.S. Dept. of Ed to loan him money for. This also makes him a student and affords him some pity when trying to go big. He is at the center of several realities and sometimes finds synthesis among them. Finding this is poetry and he wants others to hear the alliteration.

Chanan Delivuk is a DC artist from way of Baltimore. Currently a grad student at GWU, earning a MFA in 2010. She is a new media artist, but has done work in various media including printmaking, sculpture, painting, and installation. Her work is primarily related to her lifestyle choice, veganism, and will hopefully include her biotechnology knowledge from the upcoming semester.

Jenn DePalma lives and works in Washington DC. She is half of the art collaborative The YAY team and a founding member of the D’Steel(e) Society for Advanced Poetics. If you’re in the district you may see her digging in the dirt, slicing through traffic on a bike, or walking ridiculously long distances in galoshes.

Alex Ebstein based in Baltimore, MD.

Sarah Ferguson is a New York based artist and writer who does not own a microwave and even if she did she would never put a cat in it.

Victoria F. Gaitán is a DC based photographer with a weak spot for treat bars.

Vincent Gallegos based in Washington, DC.

Siri Gossman is a Boston based performance/video artist and curator. Currently residing at the House of Quality with three room-mates and two cats. Seeking the meaning and explanation of love.

Jack Henry based in Washington, DC

Joseph Hoffman based in Washington, DC

Tim Horjus is based in Baltimore MD and pursuing his MFA at the University of Maryland.

Rebecca Jones based in Los Angeles, CA.

Kelly Kapowski After graduating from Bayside Highschool (go Tigers), Kelly Kapowski moved to New York City to pursue a career in art. She is currently an associate at a contemporary gallery, and has become rather cynical for a former cheerleader.

Anna Kordsmeier based in Memphis, TN.

Sarah Laing originally from Lanark/Dundee, Scotland,  pursuing MFA at the University of Maryland.

Nilay Lawson born 1980, eats, drinks and arts, based in DC.

Suzanne Lett based inside a Baltic submarine that only surfaces on the 24th day of each month.

Nicole Louie is a room/stairwell based creeper and emotionwhore, sometimes art student.

Nathan Manuel based in Washington, DC and New York, NY.

Patrick McDonough lives and works in Washington DC. He is currently attending the MFA program at George Washington University

Adrian Moens: A Chicago based artist, writer, performer, encapsulator, recreator. Loves: last lost list lest lust.

Patricia Murphy an artist and poet based in Cincinnati, OH.

Meg Onli based in Chicago, IL.

Boris Ostrerov was born in the Former Soviet Union and arrived to the place that most of the world refers to as the land of opportunity in 1992 with nothing but a paint set and his favorite home-made cookies. Since, Ostrerov’s work has been displayed at group art shows and festivals and has earned several awards and opportunities including the “Gallery Project” for which he displayed his ink paintings at the Tory Folliard Gallery in March of 2008, proving that hunger fuels creative success. Ostrerov graduated from MIAD with a BFA in May 2008 but has only realized this in August 2008 when he did some budgeting and contemplation about the future. Currently Boris is trying to “steal” software in order to update his site:

Pam Norrish based in Calgary, Alberta.

Anna Pinkas born in the land of cows, banks and more importantly chocolate. Investigating narratives-personal and historical-through animation and drawing in Brooklyn, NY. (

Gilui Pinto

Anais Pamplemousse has a thing for bohemia and rice pudding. During the days she reads newspapers, manages other people’s time and writes and reports on an art blog for a PBS news program. At night she works on projects and dreams of trashcats in Columbia Heights, DC.

Kevin Regan (kvnrgn) is an artist based in Bushwick, NY. Google “kvvnrggn“.

Lauren Rice based in Detroit, MI.

Smalik has a canadian heart of gold.

Lauren Smith based in Sarasota, FL.

Alex Solmssen based in NY, NY.

Rachel Sitkin is a Baltimore/DC based artist, curator, critic and MFA student at American University…

Zach Storm based in Washington, DC.

Jeremy Tidd lives and works in Washington DC. He is the bigger half of the art collaborative the YAY team. He is a sculptuer, painter, seamster, landscape designer and installer, beard grower, runner and eater.

Andrej Uhazy is a stud based in Washington, DC.


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