Love is a 4 Letter Word

I was recently introduced to the writings of Edward O. Wilson and I was reminded of a similar ideology leading back to the architect Buckminster Fuller. While Fuller is an architect for humanity, Wilson is a biologist for co-evolution. Fuller can be quoted as saying that humans are “the astronauts of the universe” and in essence have the potential to act like a virus- spreading out through the cosmos and depleting all resources (we) come by in our planet hopping. Buckminster Fuller also coined the term “Spaceship Earth” and Wilson has elaborated upon it in macabre style. What I enjoy about E.O.Wilson’s proposal is his ability to bring accountability to the forefront of this conversation and in some ways extinguish the idea of an apocalyptic future in which humans are the “victims” of biology and calling us antagonists instead. According to Wilson, humans are leading the sixth phase of extinction on this planet much like meteors have done in the past.

If my cadence plays out correctly then the accountability factor governing our fatal demise as a “civilization” also relates to our western artworld and its relative “failures and limitations.” Art and the critique of Art are supposed to alter or expand upon the awareness of a position. It’s distressing to know how much control we have over our own perspective, as individuals and a world community, in art and in politics, but do not access it for change.  Maybe the problem of having control is the will to lose all control, but that plays on individual interests- something that clouds the way to a cohesive future according to Wilson.

I included one of Slavoj Zizek’s rants to keep the playing field even here and for personal amusement. I don’t know if there exists a hierarchy of terms to follow when thinking about “acting globally” per say, but Zizek reminds us that Love is Evil. (Ian Curtis, where are you?!!) Biophilia is topping the charts for me right now. I’m growing ever more interested in agricultural diversity and Speciesism. I would love to know what our species holds to be a universal bond. Music?


One Response to Love is a 4 Letter Word

  1. alberto says:

    Humans are certainly masters of the planet’s collective destiny, if only in the short term. I too don’t know if we’re up to the task.

    Reminds me of this quote, “Life is a disease of matter.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    If we are the Universe’s way of seeing itself, maybe it’s suffering Oedipal shame and is trying to poke it’s own eyes out.

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