Housework is not a paid job

This is a small but growing preoccupation with me, do you have any comments that could help me?

Housework is not a paid job

Why is it that keeping a home has shifted from being a valued occupation into a non job? So much is required to keep and run a house, which becomes apparent when the jobs are filled by paid employees and yet for those of us who attempt to take on the whole burden, the work becomes invisible.

We all need a home whether or not we live a nomadic or sedentary lifestyle, so who makes it home? THE PERSON WHO FITS THE ROLE BECOMES THE NURTURER, WHO NURTURES the nurturer ? If it comes down to being valued, how universally is the role accepted as one of value, is it family or friends or the wider community or is it the state who support the role? It could be none of the above.


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