Is Global Interactive

June 23, 2009

I f the future is Global and we spend it on the internet are we having a time of isolation ahead of us. I ask this because the blog is a great way to be together but apart, a cliché should always be avoided, I admit, but they stand to save us from thinking up a new truism everytime. I am admittedly no whiz kid on the internet, each month it takes around 20mins even finding the link for this blog and remembering how I download what I write onto the blog and I try to leave out the pictures because they go on a direct route to Mars by passing my blog altogether. But its all worthwhile because this is an intriguing way of keeping in touch with, a bit like walking down the High St and bumping into a friend and saying hi!
But, only its not, I have serious doubts if anyone ever reads it, if you are reading this now then let me know, send a comment. So Im left thinking that it’s a great way of pretending that you are walking down the High St and bumping into people, Hi Jen, Hows things, was India good, Hi Reuben, what are you upto now, and Mark you are totally irrepressible love to see some of your work. No its not like that at all, I am instead talking to myself. Once people thought you a little odd, but now noone notices everyone has plugs in there ear and is whittering to someone or noone, who cares? And this blogging is like sending myself a Christmas card, noone loves me so Ill send one to me and put it on the mantelpiece and pretend they do. I do believe we are all blogging and twittering to ourselves talk talk whitter and noone is listening, Go Global??, No go local instead. Prove me wrong!


Scream at the Economy

June 17, 2009

Scream at the Economy


Making use of an art historical definition of screaming as “a kind of shorthand of modern alienation and despair, icons of anxiety and hopelessness,” the Floating Lab Collective invites people to call a phone number and scream at the economy.

The work, titled Scream at the Economy,is a participatory project that captures the expressions of angry citizens in MP3 format.  The files will be used to create a musical composition, to be played in front of relevant financial institutions.

  1. Call this number: 646.402.5686 ext 90514 (24/7) to call to United States from another country +1
  2. Scream at the economy. To get a clear recording please back up a few inches from your phone before you scream.
  3. The screams will be used to compose music. (6 international composers will use the screams as a source for the composition)
  4. Download the music created from the screams (for free) beginning June 25, 2009 at:
  5. The music will be played as a performance in public space in front of financial institutions. Using the “screamer”, to play the compositions.

Time, Twitter Art, and Self-Promotion

June 2, 2009

I, Boris Ostrerov, am starting my latest project titled, “Twitter Installation” at the Walkers Point Center for the Arts (WPCA) Annual Member’s Show on view from June 5th until July 2nd 2009.

the Twitter Installation:

Start with the username “installation1” on Twitter.  Do not tweet on this account.

Publicize this project outside of twitter before the first day of the show.

Follow all the people that chose to follow the “installation1” username.

Gather all the tweets of all the people I follow and print out on translucent paper (1x5in. strips).

Bring the tweets on the paper to the gallery each day and drop over the same spot on the floor every day.

Photograph the installation daily.

At the end of the installation the tweets are glued together into a sphere.

I will post pics daily on my site:

In the “Twitter Installation,” I am materializing tweets among the Twitter community, into a physical semitransparent mountain or puddle-like form.  Starting from literally nothing on the first day of the show, the pile of tweets will grow in size depending on the amount of followers the username “Installation1” gains and the amount of times each follower tweets.  Please spread the word and contribute in the growth of the mountain of tweets by following the username “Installation1” on and tweeting.  If enough people are involved, this installation can grow exponentially to a gigantic form, filling up so much space in the gallery that it encroaches on other artworks or blocks a walking path.   At the end of the show I will glue all the translucent strips of vellum paper into a sphere, solidifying countless conversations of a past moment in history.

Show: Friday, June 5 through July 2, 2009. Opening Reception: Friday, June 5, 5–9pm.