Is Global Interactive

I f the future is Global and we spend it on the internet are we having a time of isolation ahead of us. I ask this because the blog is a great way to be together but apart, a cliché should always be avoided, I admit, but they stand to save us from thinking up a new truism everytime. I am admittedly no whiz kid on the internet, each month it takes around 20mins even finding the link for this blog and remembering how I download what I write onto the blog and I try to leave out the pictures because they go on a direct route to Mars by passing my blog altogether. But its all worthwhile because this is an intriguing way of keeping in touch with, a bit like walking down the High St and bumping into a friend and saying hi!
But, only its not, I have serious doubts if anyone ever reads it, if you are reading this now then let me know, send a comment. So Im left thinking that it’s a great way of pretending that you are walking down the High St and bumping into people, Hi Jen, Hows things, was India good, Hi Reuben, what are you upto now, and Mark you are totally irrepressible love to see some of your work. No its not like that at all, I am instead talking to myself. Once people thought you a little odd, but now noone notices everyone has plugs in there ear and is whittering to someone or noone, who cares? And this blogging is like sending myself a Christmas card, noone loves me so Ill send one to me and put it on the mantelpiece and pretend they do. I do believe we are all blogging and twittering to ourselves talk talk whitter and noone is listening, Go Global??, No go local instead. Prove me wrong!


2 Responses to Is Global Interactive

  1. danieldean says:

    Hi Charlotte Andrew, my name is Daniel and although we haven’t met yet I think we would have an interesting conversation. It would be circuitous and lovely that way, like there’s no destination per se, or no agenda to the conversation other than to talk and listen and understand a little more about how someone else sees the world and their place in it. I share some of your qualms about posting to the blog. Today is my day to post and I will but last month I was several days late. (I periodically read the blog, less often as there are less posts to read…) Having created several blogs for small groups of people in the past and watching them wither and die, I have fairly modest expectations about any blog, especially group ones. Passion in groups is usually concentrated in a few people and even that wanes. Certainly it is a different experience to see your friends on the street than to read what they write here but I still believe that this can be a meaningful place to share info. If I can venture an observation on why this blog hasn’t matured yet is that the initial purpose of it was vague at best so, like any endeavor it has suffered for that. I’ve chosen to treat every post as addressing a different goal and hoped it was interesting to a percentage of us. Don’t stop writing, please. This was the most relevant and meaningful post yet.

  2. charlotteandrew says:

    thanks Daniel, im away for 3 weeks after this but ill keep my eye out

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