Mounds or Mountains like Piles or People

reach up to a point

and come back down

we are too light

to rest on the ground

but too heavy to be clouds

forts are structures that keep

us save in living rooms

corners are hide-a-ways and

connects for buildings

caves are mostly

holes and homes for bears

a loop over your head might

be an archway or a rainbow

but probably it’s

just your stupid haircut


Lately, my visual work and poems explore shapes and things they can be without necessarily being those things.

I’ve been investigating the loop.  Loops have curves.  Loops are linear.  Loops have points.  Loops create handles, bows, cursive letters, amusement park rides, ornaments, and  airplane maneuvers.  A loop repeats a video or piece of audio unendingly.  In the loop or out of the loop is with the informed circle or out of the circle.  To loop is to move in an arc or to connect things.

This poem is attempting to loop together anything in the shape of a loop, human emotions, weight, and protection by piling them on top of each other.

Patricia Murphy


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