Scream at the Economy

June 17, 2009

Scream at the Economy


Making use of an art historical definition of screaming as “a kind of shorthand of modern alienation and despair, icons of anxiety and hopelessness,” the Floating Lab Collective invites people to call a phone number and scream at the economy.

The work, titled Scream at the Economy,is a participatory project that captures the expressions of angry citizens in MP3 format.  The files will be used to create a musical composition, to be played in front of relevant financial institutions.

  1. Call this number: 646.402.5686 ext 90514 (24/7) to call to United States from another country +1
  2. Scream at the economy. To get a clear recording please back up a few inches from your phone before you scream.
  3. The screams will be used to compose music. (6 international composers will use the screams as a source for the composition)
  4. Download the music created from the screams (for free) beginning June 25, 2009 at:
  5. The music will be played as a performance in public space in front of financial institutions. Using the “screamer”, to play the compositions.

The Purple Ticket Incident

January 20, 2009


I want to talk about the inauguration. This may not be the proper forum, but I have to express my disappointment. I was fortunate enough to be friends with a Obama campaign staffer and had the opportunity to attend the inauguration with her. Or so I thought. 

We climbed out of bed, two snoozes past 6:30, and braved the cold. Wearing two winter jackets, many layers, and multiple back-ache patches, we embarked on the 20 minute walk to the Purple Ticket Gate. We arrived to find mass chaos: thousands of people, cold, tired and confused. Many of them had arrived much earlier than we had, standing in 17 degree weather, but the wait proved unfruitful. 

Hundreds if not thousands were turned away, their Purple tickets not honored.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I am deeply moved that so many people attended the event, sharing my hope, but deeply disappointed that I couldn’t be one of those people. 

More than anything, I’m disappointed for the people I met in line today who traveled great distances. Notably, a tall young man from Albuquerque and his friend from Falls Church, whom were friendly and warm, despite the cold. Marc Fisher, of The Washington Post, wrote this of the purple ticket holders:

“But in a way, it makes perfect sense, because this is one of the happiest crowds I’ve ever seen, and that made them willing–with the possible exception of the Purple ticket holders, mostly high roller donors who thought they had passes to the very front of the crowd–to accept almost any inconvenience.” – Marc Fisher, The Washington Post, Inauguration Day: Birdseye View

Fisher can paint a unsympathetic portrait for these ticket holders, but I know better. I may not have experienced this historic event like I intended to, but at least I had the opportunity to wait for hours in the cold with exceptional people, the purple people. 

To the Purple Ticket people, I salute you.


good luck, all y’all

January 3, 2009
fun pre-cooking activity

fun pre-cooking activity

hope everyone ate some black-eyed peas on new year’s day for good luck – all the way to next new year’s day.

from the in box (thank you, yassine), here is an opportunity, for someone out there, someone who designs for metalwork. it could be awesome to see artistic bike racks in beautiful downtown washington dc. you can be the judge of whether it’s a good deal:

The Golden Triangle BID has issued a Call for Entries for creative bicycle rack designs. The winning designs will be fabricated by the Golden Triangle in to bicycle racks placed within its 42 blocks of DC’s central business district. Winning entries will receive a $1,500 honorarium plus a complimentary Saturday night stay for two at the luxurious Mayflower Hotel. Entries are due on February 9, 2009.
for a pdf of entry guidelines go to golden triangle BID

ok, now, go have some fun, do some good, make some art, and try to get out! that’s my plan for 2009.