If the future is circular and I keep missing the train, then I only need hang out a bit and the next one will come along. That is a fruitful thought. I am immersed in thinking and thinking and thinking on how to fulfil my next art obligation, you must know what I mean, you try hard to get into a show or be part of some amazing opportunity and you make it. Then you have to work out what in heavens name you should really be doing for that show or how to best fulfil that opportunity. Your thoughts, or mine at least, go round and round and round and ideas good bad and ugly appear. And that’s when you miss the train.


That’s what happened to me last week before I went to Italy with the promise of working on it there. No way, the weeds were high, the sun when it shone beckoned, the nightingale not only sang day and night but was nesting on the side of the loggia. I cooked, I shopped I haggled over the price of strawberries and left them at the market!! I recovered the sun chairs and paid the water bill. But did no thinking what so ever.


 When I got home last night, I caught that train, the one that I had missed the first time, took a look at my notes and my art work stuffed in my bag and knew which of the hundred ideas was the good one. 



 (I think!!!!!!!)


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