Time is Immeasurable

I’ve found a time warp, it is not a secret so I’ll tell you about it too. Open your cell phone, If you have a Samsung you can follow along exactly, if you have another phone you’ll have to improvise but it should be about the same. Go to the Settings and Tools menu, choose Tools, do not choose sound settings, display settings, phone settings, call settings, etc. Choose only Tools. Inside Tools you will see voice command, calculator, calender etc. Choose World Clock, and only Word Clock. Now you should see a screen with the whole world on it, and on this world you’ll see red dots representing cities, and two black lines intersecting at each setting representing latitude and longitudal location of these cities although none of this is exact and probably not to scale. Now scroll farthest over to the right and you will come to in my phone Wellington, New Zealand, but probably any city in New Zealand will do. Now lets imagine you were in Wellington New Zealand and you took a very long nap, you were very tired and you slipped into a deep deep sleep, almost like a hibernation but only for few hours. You started sleeping at 1:08 pm; while you’re sleeping, me or someone else, like perhaps the CIA comes and picks you up, they carry you to a small atoll, an island by the name of Midway. Scroll right on your phone to follow along with the story, you should now be on the farthest left of your screen, although you might have skipped straight to Samoa, also a territory of the US, it is the same story whether your latitude and longitude are on Somoa or Midway. (you may have already noticed the warp) So you wake up in this other city from taking a nap and its 3:08 pm, or maybe its even 3:15 am. The point is you go on with your life, as if everything is normal, you would never have any idea that it was actually Yesterday !! You are living the same day twice. There you have it: TIME_TRAVEL in its simplest form. I myself am hoping for cyber time-travel, I am actually writing this from the future and aiming it right into the past, yesterday April 7, 2009, the day when it is my responsibility to blog. At least I’m not in Wellington where it is already tomorrow.

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