New Beauty?


I feel like I have seen something like this before, but this is done particularly well. I love the drummer. and the kid with the trumpet.  and when the kids say “yeah!”. The unintentionally collaborative opportunity of YouTube cannot be underestimated.  This types of shit will for-certain become more common place.  I’m not sure if I would be so in love with it if I couldn’t see it, but I just can’t take my eyes away to find out.


Frank Zappa was continually trying to break the molds of “Rock Star” and “Composer”.  Here, he adds one more: modern dance.  I have had the album this was on for years, but had no idea there was dance accompaniment. Aside from being an incredible composition (written for synclavier, arranged for orchestra), the dance is continually surprising (note: approximately 4 “lifts” done by the woman). Leave it to Frank to bring Sex, Ballet and “Classical Music” together.


As artists, critics, historians, writers and curators (etc.) it is important to take note of scientific discovery and the ways it propels our tools of analysis.  How have we never seen this thing before? I had to watch this several times before being able to look at it like a short alligator instead of a sad, mopey dolphin.


I don’t know anything about this really.  Only that it isn’t lightning bolt. and it’s awesome.


The composer of this piece is now 25 years old. The shear amount of control that one must exercise to perform this piece is shear beauty. Though the quality of other videos is inferior, his ideas are amazing, and I highly recommend checking his other work.


it is easy to forget that sports and art have a lot in common.  anyone oriented towards achieving goals through practice and discipline is alright in my book.


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