virtually connected

I lost one day in the air and another through being off loaded because of overbooking, but I have just returned from a trip to New Zealand. What this trip has given me is the re-realisation of connectedness that travel affords. I have seen, hugged and felt warm in the company of cousins, friends and family, which is a thing of beauty. For sometime ahead, letters and emails will plug me in to that sensation, but in time it will dry up a bit and need another dose.


Surely beauty is not in things, by that I mean in the object, but in the mind. The longing or desire and the ultimate assuaging of that desire, takes place in the mind. Therefore beauty is a speculative and subjective association with an object or a gesture, it is not real, rather there is no reality in which beauty can be fixed. Perhaps it is ‘virtual’ like this blog. This blog could beget a sense of beauty a feeling of beauty, I don’t mean that my words or your words are the seat of where the beauty lies but that it, (beauty), may lie within a form of communication. The blog touches others, each other, if we choose to read it. We are connected through the blog. That is surely a thing of beauty,


            My real concern with the connection between art and beauty is with my exploration of nomadism as a pursuit or even as a lifestyle, moving on is a contemporary reality for many of us. Rosi Braidotti (Transitions, 2006) explores the theory of nomadism, it’s not an easy read but it is a refreshing reappraisal of the link between a contemporary lifestyle and a search for networks within a certain framework. Gypsies and Irish travellers, live out a similar search within an understood framework of networking and role play (traditions, if you like) while social migrants tread uncharted pathways. In this instance mapping is done blindly and a discovery of similar connections or networks is a thing of beauty. A discovery that we are somehow connected.

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