crazy times are coming to an end?

As many of us are students, or at least have been students, I feel the need to toot my own horn. I just defended for my MFA. YAY it’s over! 

On to the next step. JOB.

But what does this mean with the economy the way that  it is right now? I have been searching for jobs continuously in teaching with no luck. At the the most recent College Art Association conference in LA, attendance of employers was a disappointing low. It was strange,  walking through the booths and rows of tables left empty with either no-one there or a sign asking people to just leave what ever materials they wished on the table. 

Sorry for bleakness of this post. 

I can, however, leave you with some hope (at least from my own personal perspective). 

With the economy so poor, more people will most likely head in the direction of higher education (this is my hope anyway). More people in school more jobs for academics = more jobs for me. *crossing fingers* But how long until this happens? Who knows? 

I will just have to remain in the limbo of the job market. 

Until then, I will leave you with a photo of my most recent obsession- underpasses120_2288

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