Wise Guise: Grand Opening Group Exhibition



Nudashank is a new independent, artist-run gallery space in Baltimore, Maryland whose mission is to showcase young artists. Founded by Seth Adelsberger and Alex Ebstein, Nudashank hopes to bring new blood into the Baltimore scene, benefiting the regional artists, and providing a new venue for national and international artwork. The gallery hosts approximately 6 exhibitions per year, featuring group and 2-person shows. Our goal is to have a large inventory of available works including drawings, paintings, zines, and prints. The 1000 square foot gallery is located on the third floor of the H&H building in downtown Baltimore, which already houses the Whole Gallery, Gallery Four, and Floristree.

Wise Guise is a colossal group show featuring 23 artists:
Jason Redwood, Los Angeles, CA
Edie Fake, Nomadic Veggie Bus
Xavier Schipani, BMO
Mark Brown, BMO
Drew Beckmeyer, Pasadena, CA
Jon Clary, SF – Image
Edward Max Fendley, DC
Miruki Tusko, Belgium
Arnaud Loumeau, France
Matt Lock, MA
Bonner Sale, DC
Andrew St. Lawrence, Chicago, IL
Jordan Bernier, Portland, OR
Kevin Hayden, DC
Emily Nachison, MI
Chris Warthen, MD
Noel Freibert -BMO
D’Metrius Rice- BMO
Caitlin Cunningham- Portland, OR
Molly O’Connell – BMO
Reuben Breslar – Providence RI
Thomas Bernard – France
Walter Carpenter- BMO

Opening Reception: March 27 7 – 9pm
405 W Franklin Street, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201



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