Leadership & collaboration

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Is leadership a necessary quality for collaboration? I’ve seen collaborations not work for some participants due to an imbalance of “ownership” in the project. I’ve been thinking about more effective methods of collaboration lately, or what the most effective qualities of collaboration are… Some of these are not controllable, like logistics, which might determine the amount of time one is exposed to an aspect of a project ( a primary participant or partner or activity), another might be the initiative one takes to discover and educate oneself about unfamiliar aspects…I see a breakdown in communication amongst paticipants as a weak link in acheiving that shared sense of ownership as well. Certainly there is a shared vision regarding the acheivements desired and that can seperate participants when seperation is antithetical to a project. Perhaps, like a good relationship, communication is key. Thoughts?


One Response to Leadership & collaboration

  1. marissa says:

    Is it too naive to think that when doing a collaboration, an artist’s excitement for a project can be outdone by their excitement to be working with the other artist? It seems like there options to take ‘ownership’ completely out of the equation- like identifying as a group with its own name, separate of its components.
    As far as the emotional balance (‘i feel like I’m putting more time into it than you, etc’) that seems like an issue of personalities clashing, not so much an issue of the specific project… maybe?
    Sorry if this is kind of unintelligible.

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