I’ve returned from a two month backpacking trip around India. I feel out of touch with the United States, Washington DC specifically is dizzyingly impersonal and familiar. I head over to meet one of my closest friends for lunch. Afterward I confess, “I don’t really know what is going on here, I’m out of touch” And she says, “well the biggest news is Daylight savings time.” “Really” I say and she says, “Well its Sunday, I think time is moving forward.” “I guess that is big news” “Yeah, well I’m just telling you because I don’t want you to be late for anything, everything else you’ll figure out on your on and catch up on no problem, but daylight savings could be a big problem for you. ” 

Brilliantly simple, I now had a beacon. In the near future I could see change welcoming me home, the mystery of springing forward, only to fall back again, the usher of springtime.


One Response to news

  1. thomiccor says:

    if this is coming from fake-friend-Kate, i wouldn’t put much weight in it.

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