! Attn LIWC people! and James!: this is a blog – themicrowave.wordpress.com – created by a group of artists in various cities. Probably several genders and various ages are represented, but most are men and women in their 20s or 30s who went to art school. we take turns adding to it almost everyday.

I found the following article interesting, even though the science sounds a little like the new handwriting analysis, or phrenology for the 21st century:

NYTimes. He Counts Your Words

It is about Dr. James Pennebaker, a psych professor who analyzes individuals by counting their word frequency (so to speak), and the software he created to make the counting and tabulating easier: Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count or LIWC. One can run the same analysis on any text, online, for free: liwc.net

so i gathered all the words in microwave’s blog so far (two months worth!), removed any that were only dates, titles, quotations, whathaveyou, and ran the rest through the software. The deal online for the ‘student, or a poor faculty member’ is that in exchange for using the software for free, LIWC gets to archive the text and ask for some data: gender and age. well, i just entered ‘no details’ and if they are really curious they can read this [because i am writing this entry before i run it through Liwc] Dr. Pennebaker! I hope you are reading this . . . .

The analysis of our collective minds, or at least our collective word use, is:


It appears we collectively use a lot of ‘Big words’, and we are not liars because according to the article, Liars use more negative emotion words than positive emotion words, and more first-person singulars than social words. Maybe for next month i will find out what Mr. Pennebaker thinks the rest means, he also has a blog of his own wordwatchers and there is a lot more information here more analysis.

stay tuned, all you truthful, big word  bloggers.


3 Responses to worders

  1. zoeblackwell says:

    “your data” is the blog, no?

    what are the other two- “personal texts” and “formal texts”

    are they averages from other entries for comparison?

    are we a personal text or a formal text?

  2. Laser! (Rachel) says:

    ahh, very interesting, thanks page

  3. pagecar says:

    yes, the data is the blog, minus quotes from other sources, headers, dates, etc. idk what the distinction is between personal and formal text – i intend to see what i can figure out from the site and report back. feel free to do the same.

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