The Canadian Goes to SanFranciso

I wanted a cheesy love pic but I can’t seem to do it on this computer so I am going to attempt to make my very own.

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❤ ❤ ❤ ❤                                                                 

Hi.  Okay, so here I am in America the day after Valentine’s Day.  I am here with my Drawing crew (the most beautiful, brainy, lovely group of ladies around) on our Reading Week adventure.  Our last minute fundraising efforts was making and selling Valentine’s cards.  What did mine say?  “I hate your guts.”  Did it sell?  No. 

So we arrive in SanFran are wandering and find ourselves in A lovely book store called City Lights.  I start reading Bell Hook’s “All About Love: New Visions.”  I am caught by her talk of my generations cynicism towards love and how we tend to be looking for quick, non-committed  relationships.  I came to realize that my cynical view of love is not that I don’t want a lasting relationship but that I do.  The cynicism comes in when I can’t seem to find my match (or what I think my match might look like).  I think he might look like a hopeless romantic wandering, reading poems and singing songs.  One of my friends suggests that I should goto the Museum of Broken Hearts (which actually sounds pretty great, I think I might go take a look).  

So anyway, old love day rolls around and what happens?  I get sick.  I spent the whole day in bed giving cuddles to my homework.  Today, I feel much better and decide to wander out of my room to goto the sunday service at Glide!  The best church around yo.  The self proclaimed “love machine” completely renewed my hope for love. 

Later in the day we went to the Museum of Craft and Folk art for a paper show and I L-O-V-E paper.  Tonight we are going to the Lykke Li concert at the Fillmore.  Stoked, things are looking up. 

Why are you annoyed that I am talking about love?  Why am I feeling guilty and pathetic about talking about love?  Why can’t we all just embrace the love?  Why does love have to be so complicated?


4 Responses to The Canadian Goes to SanFranciso

  1. Mike C. says:

    City Lights is an okay bookstore.

  2. Laser! (Rachel) says:

    i would have bought your valentine card.

    and then given it to you, jk

  3. zoeblackwell says:

    oh pam, i too was sick on valentines day.
    if you’re still in SF, The Center for the Book on De Haro St. often has cool book/paper/letterpress shows,

  4. Mike C. says:

    also, 49 Geary Street has a lot of good work of all mediums

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