Container Space project

1978 shipping container

1978 shipping container

I wanted to share an in-process project, [container(space)], I’ve been working on for a few months at my university, GMU, with a couple fellow artists. Click the link above to view the blog about the process and as a document of the project, also hoping that it will generate new threads in our thought processes/generate more new work.

We have undertaken a re‐construction and research project focused on a discarded shipping container. Challenged several months ago by Tom Ashcraft to investigate the properties of this object for a transition
from global shipping container into a versatile exhibition space for art. As a response, we have initiated an adaptive re-use of the container from global economic relic to student run experimental gallery space, keeping the project as sustainable as possible from an environmental perspective.

We envision this project as a long‐term sustainable work with tremendous educational/outreach benefits. Alongside the practical and technological issues that exist, we are approaching this endeavor as a conceptual artwork. Presenting the (re)design in an aesthetically interesting way that highlights the container’s architectural and historical assets is an essential aspect of our project. We are also researching the uniqueness/ubiquity of the container as an industrial product and using this as a departure point for the creation of related artwork. The container is an contemporary artifact of globalization that exists as an object and metaphor for the exchange of commodities between nations. We are curious about the geographic reach of this object from the time of its creation to its placement on GMU’s campus. This as emerged also as an investigation from the macro to the micro, or better, the global to the local.  As an object, this container can be defined in many ways, from materials to architecture to content. We plan to investigate these ideas, put them in motion, and allow for new perspectives to emerge regarding its role and implications in our culture and society. Follow the blog for developments like the solar power implementation, the final installation of our custom skylights, and our recycled “pallet parquet” floors…


(A downloadable proposal can be found here)

2 Responses to Container Space project

  1. Sara hubbs says:

    hey, my friends have been doing this for years in phoenix…i can see if i can find some pictures for you if you want. a friend of mine works outside on a fenced in parking lot and uses the container as an office and mini exhibition space. he put a window in one side of it. it looks great.

  2. tectiform says:

    Hey Sara! Please send the links and pictures. I would really like to see what they were doing!

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