Ideas Worth Spreading


“Ideas Worth Spreading” is the catch phrase for the TED conference, which is taking place this week in Long Beach, CA. The annual conference is designed to allow those who are changing the fields of science, technology and/or art in a significant way an opportunity to present their work to an audience of brilliant, well connected and often wealthy folks. I became interested in TED after learning that Rosie O’Donnell ( a genius in my mind) was trying to figure out how to gain access to the TED Talks.  These “talks” are a series of lectures that are presented in rapid succession on varying topics such as turning your Wii controller into a digital whiteboard or how the E8 pattern might well destroy String theory, which much of our theoretical physics is based on.

I bring this up for a few reasons, first TED made the talks accessible via the Internet for free (Dues for TED are $6,000/yr),  so everyone should be checking them out. I would highly recommend:
Paola Antonelli
Vik Muniz
Malcolm Gladwell

I also bring this up because this week is the  conference! So, we will soon see a new batch of videos that I  am very excited sort through and find the jewels. Also this Thursday TED will be presenting the TED prize live.

Lastly, since I am so excited about information sharing I will add-on a link to Edward Winkleman’s blog on which he has generously broken down some serious tips for those  looking to work with a commercial art gallery at some point in their career.

peace out cub scouts


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  1. danieldean says:

    Awesome post!

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