Collaboration, Posthumous With Flat-File Guy

Guy like supplies and other kits in intent (infer)

A guy in his wood-paneled

Once I painted a dresser; ashamed, not sure what became

of it

for instance, bluffs




in the way land (in)forms our architecture

photo-82many people find that they prefer this over the original

in the flat files were:


wants, needs, desires

everything left over and come-acrost

a guy contains and “dreams”

leaving her to loaf in shammy sets;

a bargain

photo-83NOT MY WIFE, 1977

This could be considered exploitative except that his name is never used; although, one can imagine. In some way it is like a crest, obligatory and glaring, a hairshirt. His name is that of one thought asleep, one rocking in Williamsburg, one ransacked. There would be more but for my own lack of understanding of various imaging studies. I have an uncle, a technician. The guy had wanted, on a rocky shore, a beach cliff; something like a Round House, something akin to contemplative or solitude, something gained or to show; to bear witness. To be mocked, sincerely.

photo-84collection of the artist-ish

photo-85and yet; and yet

flat dog; round bottom

the things we pat

things we dream and copy

and mock, sincerely

photo-86trucks grow larger into specks


monsters loom with blue arms (trucks taketh, bear witness(es))


3 Responses to Collaboration, Posthumous With Flat-File Guy

  1. Mike C. says:

    did you steal that picture of the girl with the exposed buttock from craig walker?

  2. rachelsitkin says:

    yes! I knew it was you, Lauren Bender. I like the poetry jog. mmmmmwha.

  3. lauren bender says:

    all of these drawings are honestly from a guy, not craig walker. i don’t know who craig walker is. the guy is dead. i got his flat files.

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