Some Recent Poems. Patricia Murphy


I Know This


I noticed

I get side

flipped ov-

er on the                                                                 edge


of losing it


circle a few rods or ords

or hard wide meanings

squeaking high pitch            




                            in            with      tered

                                                   scat-               seas




floating     ICE    CHUNKS    in muddy rivers

between cities clouds

of light floating over

parking lots and grasses where

queasy children soak up in airs

on strips of seats and chairs

jump off in mid air hit




I Can Only


let the room

fill up w the day

it’s clear and still

say u only like


still in this sense

even the breeze


whipping thru trees

is discreet


quiet today

spring winter wind


pushing window panes my

nose pushing cheeks


I only

hear it


I only

feel it



              hopeful and




Things’ Hurrah


I’m always all over

between things of

some awestruckness


although sometimes

tracks and things stick out

vibrations’ hurrah


I want a star not a man

a unicorn in unison

cords so discordant


or melodic whale

stomach flops

hearts skip throb


like a porcupine

wobbling a



forgot to hop

possibilities of

possible explanations


things get stepped on

squeezed out

collide with other things


companions make colorful

outer patterned layers

bloated red flowers


push off in space




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