vedas view

“The Florence Biennial has issued out at least one invite and has included in the letter another invitation to front up with a 2700e entry fee. Surely this is not usual art practice for a gallery that has issued the invite and not been solicited to do so!”, so says ‘Veda Dellarosa’ as loyal as she is to Italy. I am also a little unsure of the ethics of this type of invite. It demands sponsorship big time.

Think blog , think author, (author : content), a voice. Whose! This is an art blog and we can and will sometimes want to mention our own endeavours on the art front. How do you say, my, I , I my, without sounding completely egocentric. Now…. should I put on the cloak of an alter ego, I could divest myself of any self consciousness and see myself through someone else’s eyes. In other words I could come straight out and say, bloody brilliant work!!, a must see!!!  It’s not just from the modesty angle that I suspect to come across problems. This is very different from the artist who shows his work in a gallery, writes a statement and leaves the rest to the imagination of the viewer. A blog is unchartered territory still, and therefore it’s easy to become a little too personal because the checks and balances are invisible. Which brings me to my point… this could be the place for an alter ego. Im thinking less of second life (see ‘Nov 20 2008; Get a (second) life)’  than Marcel Duchamp’s Rose Selavy who has set a president for just this sort of  business. 

            After a lot of musing and a little searching to check that the name wasn’t an Italian insult or worse, I decided my alter ego would be a woman who has the sort of time on her hands that allows for a little self indulgence. In other words this woman (Veda Dellarosa) chooses her ‘look’ every morning before she gets dressed, and her eyes are underscored with the merest impression of eyeliner, (never wobbly or of uneven pressure). She lounges about reading and of course remembering her numerous art related books and has the energy to go to all the openings.  Veda is therefore an insightful and articulate art critic. Fortunately Veda is known to me, but not well, we live different lives you could say, but we sometimes meet over a glass of wine. That, we both share in common! Whether it is Veda or myself who continues these blogs has yet to be decided upon. 


One Response to vedas view

  1. marissa says:

    Not that I wouldn’t be interested in what charlotte has to say, but I am interested in Veda and what she might offer.. and I wonder if she might become a caricature. There just seems to be a lot of possibilities!
    I hope Veda’s character continues to be cultivated.

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