for the love of doo-wop

things are getting better in calgary. the snow is melting, the sun is shining (in fact, calgary is canada’s sunniest city) and my new york heart ache is falling deeper into a general sentimental love for all things. but i’d like to share one of my greatest coping mechanisms for feeling bummed.

1. get a disco ball. tie it to some dental floss. this will ensure longevity of spinning without any fancy mechanisms. do a slow spin. sloooooow.

the light of my living room

2. get some doo-wop. download it, get a CD, whatever. just get some.

3. embrace and dance. someone, or something you love. could be a puppy. yes, puppies really help with getting over new york heart aches. let’s all take a lesson from the great mirrorball in the sky, dance  like a glorious spinning ball of light, sending luminous reflections in every direction. yup.


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