Microcosms as Macrocosms?

I have a feeling that I will be using this mainly as a medium for ideas with the hope that others will comment with follow up ideas.  This being my first post, I’m starting with the most abstract, confusing idea so that it may be muddled over for the next few months.

Quantum Physics:

Two disparate, but connected ideas exist for me:  macrocosoms and microcosms.  I consider the macrocosm as space, like the universe, with planets, gravity, galaxies, and too much physics to wrap my head around.  I consider the microcosm as the small parts of our world, like atoms.

Macrocosoms seem abstract.  I find it difficult to turn abstract thought into physical reality and so trend toward realism, but space allows some fantasy.  Because we know relatively little about space, anything could exist.  For example, the fourth dimension.  It can be described as time, or a literal fourth dimension. Here is a link to describe in further detail: 4D.  These are a couple of images showing how geometry would behave in 4 dimensions.

Again, I wish that I could some how take these ideas and form them into something tangible.  I suppose that some things are meant to remain mysteries….

The microcosmic world of particles and sublimation and absolute zero captures a very tangible, concrete part of my mind. I can grasp onto these ideas and make some something definite from the ideas.  I’ve recently been throwing around the ideas of solid, liquid, and gas.  Moving materials from one state to another with a captured essence of color.  Water color ice cubes and steam paintings have started my fascination with atoms.  I haven’t fully explored the possibilities of each, but the ideas are formed.  Here is a video of one of the microcosmic abstract ideas that makes my mind explode:

However abstract the Bose–Einstein Condensate may seem, the point when the particles are every where at once makes me want to cry with joy.  Because every particle is everywhere, they become one.  It’s like a microcosmic world of atoms acting as the macrocosmic universe.

Does anyone know where I can obtain a freezer that will make my paint approach absolute zero?


One Response to Microcosms as Macrocosms?

  1. nlouie says:

    sounds like an un-american theory…..kiddding

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