FBC goes to WACK! at the VAG

Liz Magor The Mouth and other storage facilities

I believe I am the only Canadian in this project so I hope to bring my oh-so-Canadian perspective and ideas to all of you American readers out there.  I hope to point a little spot light on some of the things happening to help you see us up here in this land where artists make art even when the economy stinks.  


This past weekend I traveled to Vancouver (Canada) with my fellow Feminist Book Club members to see WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution at the Vancouver Art Gallery(VAG).  We were given a tour by Daina Augaitis, the Chief Curator and Deputy Director of VAG.  She was the mostly lovely woman and gave a great intro to the work.  There were two main differences in the show in Canada.  Firstly, the show was presented thematically instead of periodically and secondly, there were 15 Canadian artists added from the time period.  Included in this 15 was Liz Magor.  She also gave a talk while I was in Vancouver at Simon Fraser Universityand had a show of current work at the SFU Gallery.  The photos are from the show titled, The Mouth and other storage facilities.  Liz Magor was also in a group show at the Western Front Gallery space with a nice sweater stack with a stuffed cat on top.  

Liz Magor detail 

It was great to see her work because I felt that it ties into my own practice of hiding, hording and running away.  I have been considering if this need for escape is a response to the Canadian wilderness, that we have so much unused space in this country that you could easily get lost, be alone or escape society.  

Her use of humor is very Canadian as well, hiding cans of beer, cigarettes and other forms of dependencies in sculptural objects that look like logs, sweaters and gloves. 

Check out more of her work at:



One Response to FBC goes to WACK! at the VAG

  1. Laser! (Rachel) says:

    Pam, what did you think about the installation and flow of the exhibition? I saw it in DC and then in NY @ PS1, I felt like they were 2 totally different shows. I preferred the exhibition at the Women in the Arts Museum in DC. The multiple classrooms of PS1 made things feel too disconnected and hard for me to figure out how to approach/ walk through the exhibition.

    ps. Smalik is another Canadian involved, shes posting tomorrow, the 18th 🙂

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