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Well, here it is. I actually am writing this from the past, or I wrote this in the past, or I’m writing it now and you’re reading it in the future. Whatever it may be, we are separated by a space/time continuum. I am writing/wrote this on the 9th of January, and set it to be self-published on January 14th, as, on the 14th, I will have no access to computers or internet at all. I’ll be in the middle of a cross country trip on Amtrak, sleeping in some big recliner, sipping on a cocktail and gazing out on the vastness of middle america. I will be heading towards home, towards friends and away from friends. I’ve been in Minnesota, Portland and San Francisco during this trip, and I do not look forward to returning to the frigid east coast. But by the time that this posts, I’ll be more than excited to get back, I’ll be curating my first (real) performance event in New York City! So, here it is. I’ll give you the info, from the past, you read in the present, and we meet in the future.

Rants and Reciprocal Raves.

Part II of the Craigslist Cultural Exchange Series.

A one night show of performances dealing with beliefs, lack of
beliefs, passions and truths or post-truths in today’s society.

To have a rant or rave, usually you believe in something strongly.
What do you believe? Can you believe today? Can you believe in the
present? If not, can you still find something to rant and/or rave

5:30 PM 1013 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY (Grand stop on the L train)

Rants and Reciprocal Raves will present:
Elizabeth Newman and Christopher Zacher
Taylor McVay
William Porter
Patrick Wallace
Nic Buffon
Amelia St. Peter Blair
Faith Johnson

The Craigslist Cultural Exchange (CCE) series is an attempted exchange
of ideas between New York and Boston, two of the leading cities using
the site Using the categories on the networking site
as jumping off points for more pointed discussions of the state of
society and culture, events are created with the modified names of
categories as the themes.

The initial goal of the CCE series is to bring together the
performance art community of Boston and the art market of New York in
a series of 6-8 events a year in Boston and New York City. Further
possibilities arising from these events will be explored as well.

The first event, Missed {Theoretical} Connections, sought to bring
together performances that the audience would never fully understand
the theoretical backings to. Unfortunately, the space for the event
was removed at the eleventh hour. Missed {Theoretical} Connections
became the ultimate fulfillment of itself in that the audience that
was needed to appreciate it was never assembled and thus Missed
{Theoretical} Connections missed itself.

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