ideas of social online collaboration

I believe my first post must address why it is that I am participating in this project and the potential I see in it’s success. This experiment in collaborative blogging is really more than meets the eye. Each participant here is being generous with their participation and I think the expectation that the next person will be as generous with themselves, their time and their consideration as I am accounts in some part to why I am typing these words. The world is connected in ways that continue to absorb into our lives in surprising ways while at the same time making the gulfs between large populations loom in more noticeable and dangerous ways. We are sharers, but also editors & curators of information among ourselves and with whom we invite to listen in. Is what we’re engaging in social? It is certainly mediated through distant technologies, slower than real life but at the same time offers time to say/reflect/respond.

I encourage others to spend some time with the bright and engaging writing by Trebor Scholz at “Trebor Scholz is an artist, media theorist, and activist who divides his time between New York City, Buffalo and travel.” (his blog) Visit his “journalisms” section to read engaging blog posts and read over the “courses” section to get a sense of the dialogue being initiated in his classroom (go into the course websites – priceless info!) and also check out the “projects” section to see some of the beautiful collaborative work he’s done that really shine a critical light on how we gather together, organize information and utilize technology across disciplines.

I hope this blog can rise to be critical and enlightening, it can be art. Whatever it becomes, I’m excited to play a role.


daniel dean

One Response to ideas of social online collaboration

  1. SarahF says:

    I really like this blog Not sure if it’s collaborative.
    I just like the mix of art and writing, and the design of the site is great.

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