Stumble Upon

Not that we should whore ourselves out, but I just listed our blog on stumbleupon. If more people sign on and give the website positive ratings it could help get us exposure and such…plus it’s an interesting way of finding new websites you may never have known were unknown…or however you wish to put it. If you fear big brother this site is probably not for you.


3 Responses to Stumble Upon

  1. Mike C. says:

    So when you say “listed” how do you do that? Because I want to list my blog, too.

  2. Joe Hoffman says:

    the first time you visit your website you will be prompted, “you’ve discovered a new site, would you like to add it to stumble upon”, unless your site is already a part of their database which could have already happened. If that is the case then you can just give your site a thumbs up, or thumbs down…It isn’t a perfect system, but I think it has potential.

  3. thomiccor says:

    AHh, cool. Thanks.

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