New Delhi, day 3

All of the shit in Paharganj smells the same. All of the shit  looks the same, every dog, person, cow  is eating the same thing and shitting it out and its all over and it smells like shit.  Parts of Delhi that do not smell like shit are Lodi Garden, Lotus Temple,  and Hare Krishna Temple.  Today we find out if Khan Market and Mughal Gardens smell like shit and piss. Paharganj however may be the only place in Dehli that smells quite this bad, of course this is where we are staying, incense burning.


3 Responses to New Delhi, day 3

  1. thomiccor says:

    Ahhh. That’s what incense are really for. Here in America they just get rid of the occasional unwanted or illegal smell. In India they are necessary if you don’t want to smell shit and piss. Hmm, i was just talking about a massive crowd heading to DC for the inauguration and saying, actually writing, that i hope everybody doesn’t start crapping and pissing on each other. comical and disgusting.

    I’m glad to read your post. I almost posted something in your place.

    Crap, i have been sending pics to you and jeremy’s phones.

    bring me back a rat on a stick

    and tell everyone i said, “Wooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. “Western” subjectivity, in essence, perceives excrement as abject, fearful, unwanted but excretion is natural, real, necessary. Open your mind and deal with it.

  3. alberto says:

    My cat must be one of those Western subjectivists. She tries to bury her shit as soon as possible. 😉 Shit likely stinks so that (well adapted) animals won’t eat their conspecifics’ parasites. That said, Jenn, smell is a perception and you’re in the land of spirit over flesh! Or…just stuff patchouli up yer noses.

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