Buying Time?

For the Holidays i returned home to Flint Michigan to see my family. Everyone here is talking about the “Big 3” auto industry bailout. Flint’s economy was built on General Motors and there isn’t much else in the way of jobs here. Flint has been feeling the effects of the failing American auto industry for decades. Many manufacturing plants have closed over the past 30 years in Flint including Buick City, a 235 acre manufacturing complex that once provided 28,000 jobs which closed in 1999… While i was here i thought i should snap some photos of the downtown Flint area. Below are some shots i took across the street from the site another demolished manufacturing plant, which was commonly called here ‘Buick in the Hole’.

One Response to Buying Time?

  1. juliecasey says:

    My return to Michigan was similar.

    Conversation was dominated with talk of the “Big Three.” Families sitting in living rooms lecture anchorpeople on the 5 o’ clock news over semantics, “It’s not an auto bailout. It’s a loan, we’re going to pay it back. The banks got a bailout.” Michigan continues to take out loans from the federal government to pay unemployment to the masses without jobs. There were more “For Sale” signs on lawns than Christmas lights on houses this season. It was a white Christmas indeed: streets dangerously go unplowed because city governments have had to cut spending somewhere.

    And then I return to D.C. where Michigan feels distant, and I seem to forget this is happening.

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